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Prospa Ochimana - The Great I Am [Official Video]

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Prospa Ochimana - The Great I Am [Official Video]

Published by: KairoswebTV
Date: 11/30/1999
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Finally the much anticipated video is here. Prospa “Tytman” Ochimana – The Great I Am

Here is the lastest single from Prospa Tytman Ochimana titled “The Great I Am”. The singer couldn’t hold on to himself anymore but to express the greatness of God, with reference to Psalms 104 which emphasizes the greatness and love of God.

 In this song, he expresses the Almightiness of God in our daily lives. He reminds us that we are nothing in life without God. Whoever we are, whatever we have achieved, God remains the greatest IAM.

“The Great I Am” is a song that will build our relationship with God through intense worship. If u really have a deep hunger to experience his presence in a new dimension then The GREAT IAM is a song you need to have on repeat.

As you worship with this song i pray that God do great and might things in you life.