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Bishop TD Jakes 2016 - God Can Turn Your Mess Into Message

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God Can Turn Your Mess Into Message

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Date: 04/18/2016
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Being vulnerable is scary. Our sins may be different, but every Christian has a past. If Jesus Himself were to say today as He did back then, “let he without sin cast the first stone“, not a single soul could even pick up a shadow of a pebble.  It’s the beautiful part of grace, and the connection we must all acknowledge in our walk together. 

If there are pieces of your past that you cannot let go, maybe it is because God is pushing you to turn your mess into your message.

 Your financial mess can become your message about how God helped you through it. You may be battling a lengthy illness but know that God will see you through it and the process will give way to progress that will allow your health mess to become a message God will use to encourage others going through a similar situation.