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TAMS Nigeria Supports CFAtech.ng to Host CFA's Startups Hangout

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TAMS Nigeria Supports CFAtech.ng to Host CFA's Startups Hangout

Published by: KairoswebTV
06/14/2017 01:08 AM

Just less than two weeks for the June edition of CFA's Startup Hangout to kick off, TAMS Nigeria has already ventured into a partnership with CFAtech.ng as part of its support to add value to startups.


The leading global provider of biometric, RFID readers for access control and time and attendance applications will offer free access to its software exclusively to startups SMEs that will attend the June edition of CFA's Startups Hangout.


Added to this, startups at the end of the year, stand the chance of becoming TAMS Ambassadors, usually celebrated at the annual TAMS Summit.


Speaking about the partnership, Founder of TAMS Nigeria, Biodun Afolabi eulogized the efforts by the CFA Team to have a well thought out initiative like the CFA'S Startups Hangout.


"As part of our efforts too, to support this effort we will offer our application to startup SMEs that will attend the hangout and also offer a free training on how to use this application," Afolabi said via a telephone call.


He explained that the TAMS application was borne out of the need to solve particular problems ranging from human resources to time management.


"As an entrepreneur, I knew about all these problems which lots of startup SMEs faces today. However, if an initiative like the CFA's Startups Hangout were known during our time, most of the problems would have been averted then," he added.


"The free software will help startups to manage their employees from recruitment to retirement," says Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, (CFA), the Founder of CFAtech.ng.


"Besides, the TAMS modules include; Payroll for Salaries and Tax Remittance, Staff Database Appraisal, Loan Manager, Attendance, etc.


He explained that CFAtech.ng is looking forward to the active support of more brands for subsequent monthly editions of this selfless mission to help many Nigerian Startups to learn, grow and sustain their businesses for the development of the Nigerian Entrepreneurial ecosystem and the Nigerian economy in general.


Nadu Denloye Ph.D. and Deepankar Rustagi will feature as key speakers for the June Edition of CFA's Startups Hangout.


CFA said the hangout would have in attendance, two of the most successful serial Entrepreneurs in Nigeria to provide insights to startup entrepreneurs.


Nadu, is the Co-Founder of Telnet and Director, CDNet, Deepankar, the Co-founder, VConnect.com, a company he founded in 2010.


Past editions of the hangout had featured prominent Nigerian successful Entrepreneurs, such as Adeoye Abodunrin, ED, Xpos Technologies, Simeon Ononobi, Co-Founder, MyAdsGlobal, Helen Anatogu, CEO and Founder, iDea Nigeria, and Yele Okeremi Founder of Precise Financial Systems and others.


The CFA's Startups Hangout serves as a strategic avenue for Startups to meet and learn from successful Entrepreneurs that grace each edition of the Startups Hangout, through divulging nuggets that will assist them to grow their various Startups as well as network and synergize among one another.


The media partners for the CFA's Startups Hangout are Guardian Tech, CommunicationsWeek, and CFAtech.ng.


The June Edition of CFA's Startups Hangout holds on June 23, 2017, at Adna Hotel, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, and registration is compulsory anybody,


Please, visit https://startups.cfatech.ng/ to register for the event.



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