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KairoswebTV Introduces New Game-Changing OnlineTV Network Solution

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KairoswebTV Introduces New Game-Changing OnlineTV Network Solution

Published by: KairoswebTV
06/06/2018 08:00 PM

KairoswebTV has announced the shift in OnlineTV entertainment – a new solution that combines the benefits of traditional TV, Radio and the Internet, into a unique package.


KairoswebTV now combines the best of three worlds, the Internet with its virtually unlimited video, audio and text content, and traditional TV and Radio with its uninterrupted broadcasts and scheduled programming. It’s an experience unlike any other, providing users with the freedom to take news and entertainment into their own hands and to create a public television or radio as they may wish. The solution is perfect for content creation, scheduling and live broadcasting. It provides any individual or organization with easy-to-use tools to create linear TV channels with live streaming capabilities and scheduled shows, which can broadcast in real time.


With our new solution, you can now do the following


-          Become broadcasters and producers in your own right.

-          Create daily programming based on your own preferences, or choose to create future scheduling. Of course, you can also enjoy the channels created by others.

-          Create Multiple Independent Channels

-          Create news portals, events portals and photo gallery

-          Monetize your contents - Pay Per View** ready

-          You are in Control: Intended to be installed in your server, not on ours...

-          Mobile Friendly / Responsive

-          One-Time Payment: Perpetual license (no subscriptions...)

-          Compatible with Amazon S3 and most CDNs

-          Extensive social sharing features

-          Search engine friendly

-          On-demand and streaming** video playback

-          Multiple video qualities (configurable).

-          Your TV channel is designed to be easily embedded on any page of your website.

-          Data encryption: helps complying with GDPR...


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