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5th Human Resources Bootcamp Conference

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5th Human Resources Bootcamp Conference

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12/07/2017 07:00 AM -

As digital disruption continues to change business operating models, the workplace and work itself continues to evolve. With a changing business landscape, new challenges emerge, and as a resullt, many organisations are rewriting the rules. With new rules, organisations require new capabilites to forge ahead; a paradigm shift that embraces and empowers new competencies, a different approach, one that is disruptive by design.


Fresh Insight from Accenture’s Strategy Report on Creating the Future Workforce depicts that compared with business leaders, employees are more positive and more proactive in preparing themselves for the demands of a digital business. To maximise the opportunities of digital advances, Business Leaders must take social and economic actions that allow people and technology to reach their full potential.


The 5th HR Bootcamp promises to be more thought-provoking than ever, invoking useful insight and fresh debate while proferring practical solutions to HR Practitioners and Business Leaders. Join us as we set the next course of action for pace-setting professionals.


Topics Covered

The Disrupted Workplace: The Future has Arrived
Disruptive by Design: Lessons from Design Thinking
Attracting and Retaining Talent for the Future
Employee Value Proposition Revisited
Digital HR: Evolution or Revolution?
Big Data and Analytics: Where Are We Now?
Agility: Setting HR Priorities, Building HR Capabilities
Leaping Forward: Advice to Stay Ahead
Get Certified: Forging Ahead Professionally

Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos

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